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Loft Conversions in Wrexham and Chester
| Is Your Loft Suitable for a Conversion?

The majority of homes can benefit from a loft conversion, but it is important to check the suitability of each loft space. Before calling a builder for a survey, it is worth looking over the basics yourself to get an idea of how suitable your attic is. That is why A&R Property Development Services Limited has produced this guide. Loft conversions are one of our specialties and we complete quality conversions for all requirements in Chester, Wrexham and the surrounding areas.

Even if you think there may be an issue converting your loft, please do not hesitate to get in touch. With 40 years’ experience, our team can find effective solutions for most properties.


The height from the loft floor to the roof ridge needs to be at least 2.2m for a loft conversion to be feasible. If the height of your loft is at or near this minimum requirement, you may be worried about headroom in the conversion making the space awkward, impractical or uncomfortable. However, there are ways we can increase headroom within loft conversions, such as with dormer windows and hip-to-gable alterations.

Water Tanks

Some properties, especially older homes, have a water tank in the loft which can get in the way of a conversion. If you have a tank in your loft, this does not mean you cannot convert it. A&R Property Development Services offers several solutions for customers in Chester, Wrexham and the nearby areas, which are:

  • Box in the tank
  • Move the tank
  • Upgrade to an unvented plumbing system


Habitable loft conversions must have a fixed staircase, not a ladder. This means there must be space on the floor below the loft for a new staircase. Building the new stairs above the existing stairs is an ideal option but is not always possible depending on the size and layout of the landing. Another option is to put the new staircase in an upstairs room but bear in mind this will make that room smaller and will reduce privacy in that space.

Alternatively, you could alter the layout of the floor below the loft, such as by taking a small section of an existing room and adding a new partition wall to create a hallway/bigger landing. Space-saving staircases are also available, which our team is happy to discuss with clients in the Chester and Wrexham areas.

There are also minimum headroom requirements for staircases.

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