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| Ideas for a Practical Kitchen Extension

If you have a small kitchen, or if the space you have doesn’t work for you, a kitchen extension is the ideal solution. House extensions enable homeowners to create a space tailored to their individual needs, such as room for a kitchen island or dining table. The perfect kitchen looks different to everyone but putting together a drawing board of ideas will help when it comes time to design your extension with a builder or architect.

A&R Property Development Services is based in Chester and covers all the surrounding areas, including Wrexham. If you are within our service area, we can provide a full turnkey solution for your extension.

General Considerations

Before you start planning your kitchen extension, consider what type of space will work best for you. For example, separate dining rooms used to be popular but now the modern preference is for open-plan spaces. Think about what you want to achieve with your extension; do just want more space for cooking, or a multifunctional space for dining, relaxing, and entertaining?

Thoughtful house extensions can change the way your home feels and functions, such as by creating more flexible space or bringing together the home and garden.

Extension Types

The size, shape and location of your existing kitchen will influence the best type of extension to meet your goal. For example:

  • If your home in Chester, Wrexham or the surrounding areas has a galley kitchen, an L-shaped wraparound extension will open up the room on two sides
  • A rear extension is ideal for expanding a kitchen at the back of the house and for creating a seamless connection with the garden, using features such as large windows and bifold doors
  • For improving and rearranging cooking space, small house extensions can do wonders
  • Larger extensions provide plenty of space to create a hub which includes a kitchen, dining area and/or relaxed seating area
  • A side extension can make the most of wasted or awkward space to the side of a property

Multifunctional Rooms

With the right extension, you can do so much more than make your kitchen bigger. House extensions provide the opportunity to design a multi-purpose space which can enhance your lifestyle and bring your family closer together.

At A&R Property Development Services, we can combine extensions with other building services to reimagine property layouts. Open- and broken-plan layouts are popular with homeowners in the Chester and Wrexham areas, improving flow and making the home more sociable.

For example, a kitchen-diner provides space for family members to sit and chat, do homework etc while someone cooks. This kind of set up is also ideal for entertaining guests because the host does not have to leave the room.

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