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| How to Add Value with External Works

Whether you want to improve your outdoor space for yourself or to help sell your property, A&R Property Development Services can add value to your home. Our groundwork contractors have experience meeting a vast range of requirements, from replacing old and tired hard landscaping elements to helping redesign gardens.

If you are interested in improving your outside space in Chester, Wrexham or the nearby areas, read on for some expert advice on how to add value.

What is parking like in your area?

A new driveway is an ideal way to make your front garden more practical and increase kerb appeal. However, just how much value a driveway will add depends partly on the demand for parking in your area. For example, a private driveway will be highly desirable if it is difficult to find a parking space on your street, if you live in a permit parking zone or if parking restrictions are in place.

Who is likely to buy your property?

To maximise value, cater to potential buyers. Although it is impossible to know who will buy your home when you sell, you can make an educated guess. Our groundwork contractors suggest using this information to influence the external works you undertake.

For example, bungalows tend to appeal to older buyers. People with a disability or limited mobility may also be attracted to a one-level home. Consequently, if you have a bungalow, you may prioritise accessibility by including raised beds, low maintenance solutions and ramps instead of steps.

For homes in the Chester and Wrexham areas which will appeal to families, popular features include patios and decking for family gatherings, safe parking spaces and lawns for playing.

What style is your home?

When planning external works, it is important to ensure it is in keeping with the overall style of your property. This will ensure works enhance rather than diminish kerb appeal. A&R Property Development Services provides hard landscaping in a range of materials and styles to suit everything from the most traditional to contemporary homes.

Is your drainage in good condition?

As skilled groundwork contractors, our services include drainage installation, repair and improvement. Modern, effective and reliable drainage can add to the value of your property because buyers are willing to pay more when they know systems are in good condition and will not need replacing anytime soon.

Furthermore, all driveways and patios we build in Chester, Wrexham and the surrounding areas include suitable drainage provisions.

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